CF Awareness Month




May is National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. Though I’ve talked about various aspects of cystic fibrosis on this blog over the past three years, I’ve certainly not covered all the facets of the disease or of my life with chronic illness.  In honor of CF Awareness Month I’d like to answer any questions that you readers have.  Are there things you’re wondering about the disease itself?  Do you want to know how I handle certain situations, or specifics about how cystic fibrosis affects me physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually? Maybe you wonder what it feels like to live and breathe with reduced lung capacity or what I think are the best and worst things about cystic fibrosis. I welcome any questions you have (don’t be shy!) and I hope answering them helps to raise awareness.

Feel free to ask a question in the comments section or to email me at I’ll write a post answering any queries that come my way, so be sure to check back.


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