Mother’s Day a Few Days Early


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to take the opportunity to honor my mom. Being a mother myself now, I can better appreciate the sacrificies she made on behalf of our family. As you might imagine, keeping a family of eight afloat was a round-the-clock job. She bought groceries, wiped noses, dried tears, packed lunches, and washed countless dishes, diapers and daughters. She was efficient and organized.

Although she was busy with house work and driving us to and fro, she always had time to spend with us one on one.  I have early memories of reading stories after lunch, resting on the couch together when I got home from Kindergarten, going for walks around the block, playing “Sorry” or “Go Fish” or having a tea party with a special little tea set she had. Sometimes as a special treat we would look at the dolls she had from her childhood or she would bring out her wedding dress to show us.

When we got sick she would kiss our foreheads to check for a fever, apply cool washclothes, rub our backs, put on relaxing music, and of course set the timer so we had plenty of fluids to aid in our recovery. There was always a place for me on her lap and I remember her holding my hand and stroking it with her thumb. Ah, the sweet comfort.

As an adult, I still call my mom when I’m sick, or sad, or excited, or I need advice. Her opinion is one I highly value and she is a great listener. She’s pretty wise too, and always helps me gain perspective. Mom has weathered many storms, but she has come through with a strong and beautiful spirit. When I think of her I think of gentleness, love, strength, and Godliness. I love her so much!

img001 (2)

Mom holding me when I was four months old.

img002 (2)

There’s that cozy spot on her lap! (I was four here)

img003 (2)

Mom and her girls at Christmastime (1983).

img008 (2)

Mom, Aunt Dianne, and the girls. I’m the one with the poofy hair. Oh wait, it was 1989, we all had poofy hair! I’m the one Mom is hugging 🙂

Visiting Sheri's grave together last fall.

Visiting Sheri’s grave together last fall.

Happy Mother’s Day to my special mom and to all you great moms out there! ❤