Thirty – *Cough* Years Old


A few months back I wrote a post about Lucas when he turned three.  (You can read it here.)  Well, today is Jaime’s birthday!  He is turning thirty something.  I’ll give you a hint.  He’s slightly younger than me.  Because I love him so much, I want to tell you about him so you can know him better too.  So without further ado…

Here’s some things that make Jaime, Jaime!

  • Jaime loves soccer.  Playing, coaching, watching, following, fantasy soccer…he loves it all.  I used to go watch him play when we were in high school, college and beyond, and he was pretty awesome.  If Lucas decides to play soccer it will be a dream come true for Jaime.
  • He loses things all the time.  It’s true.  If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t know where anything was.  If I had a dollar for each time I’ve heard the phrase, “Have you seen my…” I would be very, very wealthy.
  • Jaime would be very, very wealthy if he had a dollar for every time someone commented on his hair, or whispered about it behind closed doors.  It is thick, dark and beautiful, and he as worn it in a variety of styles over the years.  The sculpted bed head phase was the one that got the most attention.
  • He’s super smart.  He knows a ton about music, geography, sports (not just soccer), and he’s a math whiz.  Rumor has it he was doing multiplication in Kindergarten.
  • Even though he’s super smart, he misues or misquotes idioms a lot.  The rock might not quite make it between the hard place or the pot might call the kettle something other than black.  It’s incredibly endearing and always makes me laugh.  He’s a good sport about it.
  • Jaime is very creative.  He does a great job buying meaningful, thoughtful gifts and planning out special occasions.  When he was a high school youth group leader he came up with great ideas for the meetings and planned fun activities.  I’ve been told he’s an excellent coach and I suspect his creativity plays into that too.
  • He is a fashionable dude.  I have never, ever had to help him pick out clothes.  He helps me pick out clothes regularly.
  • Jaime is an incredible husband.  We had no idea the challenges we would face when we said “I do” (he was only 22!), but he has been a rock.  He is a very hard worker and goes way above and beyond what is required of most husbands to ensure that I am well rested, sane (this means he helps me with household tasks), and as healthy as I can be.  He takes great care of me.
  • He’s a wonderful dad, too.  He is so hands on, that recently, when I left town for a few days, I didn’t leave him a single instruction.  He knew just what to do.  Lucas absolutely adores him and cries every morning when he leaves for work.  Frequently, throughout the day I hear, “I want Daddy to be at the house.”  There’s nothing else quite as wonderful as watching my two boys tearing around together, screeching, laughing, wrestling and being boys.  It warms my heart.

It’s hard to remember exactly what life was like before Jaime.  Afterall, we’ve been “together” for more than half of our lives now.  I may have been more punctual, I only had to keep track of one set of possessions, my life was a bit more organized and planned out.  But Jaime has brought so much joy, spontaneity, laughter, and fun into my life.  He makes me feel cherished, protected, and loved.  We are two very different people and that has made our marriage dynamic and interesting.

So happy birthday to the love of my life, my one and only, the apple of my eye, the bees knees and all the other relevant idioms he might misquote 🙂  I love you!




It was my sister Sheri’s birthday last month.  She would have been 46 years old if she were still counting years here on earth.  In honor of her, I’d like to share one of her poems.  She published a short book of poetry in 1996, and this poem, “Mornings”, was written in 1995.


Isn’t it wonderful

the way God created mornings?!

Each one new.

Each one fresh.

Yesterday’s problems

are only memories.

Mornings mark a new beginning.


As each day dawns,

God hands me a crisp, clean sheet of paper

called “today.”

This paper is not crumpled, stepped on, torn;

no words have been yelled or cried;

no phrases have become exasperated

or irritable;

no sentences have been smeared

or smudged.

Nothing has marred its beauty.

Today, all is fresh.

Today, all is new.


New mornings fill me with confidence.

As God was faithful yesterday,

so He will see me through today.

His grace will be sufficient

no matter what comes my way.


New mornings fill me with hope.

God can make all things new—

new beginnings,

new vision,

new strength.

No matter how dark the night has been,

the light has dawned again.



full of promise—

reminders of God’s unfailing love.

I willingly entrust my life

to the Maker of mornings.


by Sheri Van Bruggen, ©1996

Lace Up Lucas


Lucas has decided to take his running to a new level. Running in circles around the house isn’t cutting it anymore…he has his eye on the treadmill (and on my super cool hot pink shoes with glow-in-the-dark laces). The other day, he announced, “It’s my turn to run on the trebamill, Mommy!”  He then stepped into my shoes, waddled down the basement stairs, climbed onto the treadmill, sucessfully attached the magnetic key and pushed start. Yikes.  Apparently the little guy has been watching me like a hawk and has it all figured out.  I’m glad he thinks exercise looks like fun! Now, if I could just figure out a way to ensure he only imitates my good habits…

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