Eight Years Old


It’s that special day, Lucas’s birthday! I feel like I was just writing his seven year post. This past year has been quite the blur. It was a good one though. Here’s what makes our boy tick at age eight! I’ve sprinkled in some funny conversations we’ve had along the way:

Current Favorites:

  • Color: Still Orange!
  • Food: Chicken quesadillas
  • Song: Butterfly by Twin Peaks
  • Books: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and the National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia for Kids
  • Animals: Cats closely followed by foxes
  • Sport: Soccer, soccer, soccer!


  • Going to bed (when do they grow out of this??)
  • Waking up (complicated by the aforementioned dislike)
  • Sweets (except for fruit and fruit snacks)
  • Picking up his toys (he regularly leaves death traps for us on the stairs)

Lucas is still into creative play and making his own movies, shows and games from beloved characters such as Lego or Chronicles of Narnia characters.

L: Mom, I made a new Lego 2 movie game! You get to be Emmett.  The first challenge is to jump over the venomous red pants.

B: Venomous pants?!?

L: Yeah! They’re poison but they can’t kill you.  They make you sick for two years which is better than dying.  Although maybe not much better…

His movies, shows, and games always seem to have a great deal of action and peril. Never a dull moment in his imagination!

Right before Lucas turned seven, he got into VeggieTales and that was what interested him for much of the fall, even edging out DC Comics and Legos temporarily. The general veggie theme extended to his interest in my pregnancy and what fruit or vegetable size the baby was in utero that particular week. He even liked perusing the produce section at the local grocery stores to see what interesting fruits and veggies were available.


Right after Christmas (after asking for and receiving a lot of VeggieTales toys and movies), he lost interest and it became all animals all the time. He fished out his animal collection and built many different zoos which littered our floor for months and months.

Lucas’s zoo and the zookeepers

He also spent hours poring over his animal encyclopedia and made me feel good and ignorant with all his knowledge.

L: Mom, what do you like better? The African wild dog or a dhole?

B: Dhole? What’s a dhole?

L: Oh, you don’t know? It’s also a wild dog. It’s about the size of a margay.

B: ………..What’s a margay?

He started watching Planet Earth and as many spin-off series we could find. He loves David Attenborough and now narrates his own informational animal shows with a British accent.

The snow leopard is enjoying his meal in Lucas’s version of The Hunt

He and Jaime went on many nature walks in the area looking for animals and took many trips to various zoos. He used to love farms and wanted to be a farmer. Now he says he wants to be an animal scientist!

Soccer is still a big interest and he had a good year playing on the King Cobras team with his schoolmates. He and Jaime also attended many DCFC games, both the home games and any away games within a drive-able distance!

At a DCFC game with his friends

This year he continued his love of writing and filled several journals with his stories. He wrote his own Frog and Toad book, several Narnia-themed stories, some DC super hero adventures, and adventures involving his friends and family. At some point I introduced him to mechanical pencils because I got so tired of our pencil sharpener getting clogged. Now I’m so tired of picking up tiny pieces of lead off the floor.


Lucas likes a certain amount of structure and order in his life. He also loves to categorize things and make lists. He has lists of characters, lists of animals, lists of vegetables, lists of states, lists of license plates from different states, lists of projects he wants to do, lists of stories he wants to write.

J: What do you want to do right now, Lucas?

L: Let’s make a list of everyone we know in alphabetical order! I’m a little tired, so this will be a good, relaxing activity.

J: … … … 

As you might expect, a huge part of Lucas’s year was my pregnancy and the birth of his sister Alena. He showed a ton of interest all through the pregnancy in how I was doing and where Alena was at in terms of growth and development. Since she’s been born he’s been a very loving and attentive big brother and he has earned her adoration. She watches him with wide eyes and gives him lots of smiles.



He’s very proud of her. And we’re very proud of him.  Happy Birthday to our wonderful boy!

One thought on “Eight Years Old

  1. Bill & Mary Roedema

    Dear Betsy,

    Congratulations on Lucas’s birthday! It was such fun to read about your son and see pictures of both your children! You seem never to have a dull moment. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I loved it.

    Blessings in abundance,

    Mary Roedema


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