Happy Birthday Betsy!


Last Thursday was Betsy’s birthday! If you’ve been following the blog, she does a great job of writing special birthday posts for Lucas and for me so I thought in honor of her thirty-*cough* birthday, I would attempt to pen a similar tribute for my lovely and talented wife.

So, here are few things that make Betsy, Betsy!

•Betsy loves the outdoors! Whether it’s a day at the beach, a walk through the woods, or even doing work out in the yard, there’s something about the fresh air and sunshine that she especially loves. Lucas has inherited the outdoor gene. I am the lone indoor cat in the family. But seriously, my hair doesn’t hold up well in the elements.

•This is probably not surprising but Betsy, being at one with nature, also has a green thumb. She loves to plant flowers every spring and tend to them until they finally fade with the cold Michigan winter. The last two years Betsy has also planted a vegetable garden. We don’t have a ton of space and have even less sunlight due to all the trees in our yard. I’ll admit I was skeptical but somehow she has managed to coax life forth from the various pots and plots.


Betsy and Lucas will be harvesting tomatoes and zucchini in the near future!

•Betsy has zero sweet tooth. She literally hates 99% of all desserts. On occasion she can be persuaded to have some ice cream. She has sporadic cravings for homemade caramels. But when it comes to cakes and pies and cookies and pastries, she has very little interest. I do not understand this personally.

•Betsy has a remarkable memory. She can recite most of Lucas’s favorite stories without even looking at the book. She remembers phone numbers and credit card numbers from years gone by. She can recollect the lyrics of obscure songs from the mid-90s after hearing the first few notes. Most importantly, she remembers where Lucas and I leave our stuff. This is most helpful. We would be lost without her!

•Betsy is a coffee-holic. Give her Starbucks or give her death!  She always starts her day with a mug (or two) and isn’t opposed to warming up the pot in the afternoon when she’s in need of a little extra caffeine. She likes all kinds of coffee drinks but she prefers to take her coffee hot and black.

•Betsy is practically unbeatable at Scrabble. We’ve played approximately three hundred times since we got married and I think I’ve won twice. Not only is she a logophile (she would have known that word, I had to look it up) but she also possesses that killer Scrabble instinct to add an ‘s’ making a seven letter word that already contains the letters ‘z’ and ‘k’ plural…oh yeah, and that ‘s’ was probably placed on a triple word score.


Mission impossible.

•Betsy is a great mother. Dare I say, the best. She loves Lucas more than I thought was possible. She is patient and self-sacrificing. She’ll do just about anything for a smile from our boy. Even if that means making pancakes in the shape of all twenty-six letters of the alphabet or crafting a chicken coop out of popsicle sticks for his toy farm or reading The Complete Adventures of Curious George all in one sitting. Lucas is lucky to have you!


Betsy and her favorite boy.

So happy (belated) birthday to my favorite person on the planet! Thanks for loving me and Lucas and for simply being the best!

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