A Snowy Day Update



It’s been a while since I’ve posted a health update and as we’re snowed in today, I thought I’d take advantage of some unexpected down time!

Overall this winter has been better than last.  Last year I had two serious illnesses that took me down for weeks and resulted in lung function loss. This winter hasn’t been the greatest either as this is our first cold and flu season with Lucas in preschool and many viruses have traveled via Lucas into our home.  We’ve all been sick several times, Lucas and Jaime getting by with a few days of light symptoms. I have required oral antibiotics twice, but at least once, I was able to get through the virus before it caused a secondary lung infection.  That is a wonderful, wonderful thing, and knowing my body can sometimes heal without additional intervention brings me hope. Thankfully none of my illnesses have been seriously debilitating or hit me with the viciousness that last year’s bugs did. I’m very grateful!

I am currently finishing up a three week round of oral antibiotics. I saw some improvement in my condition after about five days on the medications, but after two weeks, I wasn’t where I needed to be. I was still struggling with a tight cough, and high levels of inflammation were preventing me from clearing some congestion left over from the infection that I could feel deep down in my lungs.  I contacted my doctor this weekend and he prescribed a round of oral steriods to help open things up. It has been working and I’m optimistic that this will do the trick.  And you’d never know it today with all this snow, but spring is coming! I will be so relieved once we get out of this relentless cold and flu season.

Today was an awesome snow day. Temperatures were comfortably in the 30s and so Lucas and I headed outside to play. The snow was excellent for building!  We got pretty wet but we built a nifty little snow fox which Lucas named Bubbles (because Bubbles is the first thing that comes to mind when you think fox, right?!). Then we threw snowballs at the trees, made tracks, and had a blast sledding.  We got some pretty good speed on our little hill and Lucas enjoyed employing the “roll out” method he learned at school after we flew into the street a few times. I was super thankful for the steroids after the 100th time trudging up our driveway in the deep snow.  Our driveway is pretty short but the incline is no joke!  Lucas is fighting off a cold right now so he agreed it was time to go in after a mere two hours due to the slightest reduction in energy. You gotta love the silver lining!

Lucas also wanted to try some hot cocoa when we got in! His willingness to try new things has increased so much over the past several months. I knew he was unlikely to actually drink it, so I made him a very small cup.  He stuck his tongue in exactly four times and said, “Mommy, I love it!  But that’ll be enough.” Typical Lucas 🙂

I hope you enjoy some pictures of our snow day. Until next time!


Lucas and Bubbles


This tree gives Jaime nightmares (he’s afraid it’s going to fall on our garage) but the weighed down snow-covered branches made an awesome little snow canopy! 


Under our canopy.

FullSizeRender (9)


FullSizeRender (17)

Lucas’s first cup of hot cocoa 🙂




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