Conversations with Lucas


Well…I’m sick. I caught a bug from my baby boy. Lucas came down with a virus a week ago, and it went straight to his chest.  He showed no other symptoms but a raspy cough for a few days. He never stopped playing, or eating, and didn’t slow his pace much. After a few days it was pretty much gone. Ah for the strength of that little boy.

This isn’t the first virus of the season for us–Lucas spent one afternoon on the couch this fall, flushed and not feeling well. He woke up all better the next morning and Jaime and I never got it. I was hoping it would be the same this time, but seeing the virus attack his lungs and realizing that’s my weakest point…I can’t say I’m surprised.

I’ve had mild viral symptoms for a few days but was staying ahead of them. Finally last night my cough took a turn and after seeing some telltale signs of infection, I contacted my doctor this morning. I’m so grateful for him–he checked his email on the weekend, called me right away to get a firm grasp on my symptoms and gauge their severity, and called in a prescription for me. I don’t feel great, but relatively speaking, this is pretty mild.  Hopefully it will stay that way.

This afternoon Jaime packed Lucas up and they headed off to Grandma’s. Jaime had plans for the afternoon and evening and wanted to make sure I wasn’t solo parenting when I should be resting. Lucas will be helping Grandma decorate their Christmas tree and they are both excited!

I admit, I felt sad when I saw him head out with his daddy. I know I’m overreacting, but I hate it when Lucas has to be sent away because I’m sick. He is in the best of hands, but it still hurts my heart a little.

To cheer myself up, I’ve decided to write down some of the funny exchanges Jaime and I have had with Lucas lately. Lucas is just over four years old and the things he says sometimes are so cute and funny (at least we think so)!  I love getting little glimpses into his mind. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite most recent conversations with Lucas:

L: Is it dark outside?

B: No, but it will probably be dark soon.

L: Probraby? Probraby?  Prob…what did you say?

B: Prob-ab-ly

L: Probrab… *Sigh.  Prob-ab-ly.  Probably.  Probably!!  Did I say it???


L: Mommy, pinches are my favorite bird.

B: Pinches? Do you mean finches?

L: No, pinches! You have to be careful because they’re sharp.


L: I just got a ‘rocious owie.

B: What does ‘rocious owie mean?

L: It means you got hurted on your toe. That’s what it means.


L: What are they doing?

J: The rabbit is looking at his dad’s newspaper.  You probably don’t even know what a newspaper is.

L: Nobody does!


B: I have to do my breathing treatment.  I’ll be right back.

L: But I’m allergic to playing by myself!


L: Hey Mommy, I have new spelling name for Daddy!

B: Really, what is it?

L: It’s O-L-D.


L: Mommy, did you hear that?

B: No….

L: It was my tummy.  I’m hungry.  Is there a plan for that?


L: Mommy, I’m setting my mind.

B: ?? On things above?

L: Yeah! That’s what I do!


L: S-T-O-P.  That spells stop!

J: Wow, you’re right!  Can you spell bus?

L: B-U-X-P-L-Z-A….O-M-M-Y.


L: Who’s that?

B: That’s Adam and Eve.

L: They don’t have any clothes on. They’re naked.  But why are they naked, Mommy?

B: Ummm…because they weren’t embarrassed.

L: But I’m embarrassed!! Are you Mommy?


There you have it. I feel better already. I hope these conversations brought a little cheer to your day too :).

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3 thoughts on “Conversations with Lucas

  1. Sandra Moll

    Yes Betsy, these conversations brought me cheer. I actually burst out laughing at some of them. On the serious side, I hope the medicine works quickly for you, and you will feel better very soon. Love you!

  2. Jacqueline L.VanEerden

    Thank you honey ! Yes….these conversations DID bring cheer to our lives ! I often read stuff to Richard at nite from Facebook ( he reads a lot…just doesn’t fb )….and…I understand the sad feeling….having once been very very sick when Christopher had to spend several days at Motts for his asthma when he was little….and I had a fever and couldn’t visit him . I so very much appreciated Maija Kaldjian visiting him and ( as I remember it ) introducing him to Beverly Clearys Henry books . Thinking of you, praying you are already feeling some better. We treasure you . Love, Richard and Jackie

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