There are some mornings when I wake up with a heavy heart. There is so much darkness and evil in our world. There are so many people with broken hearts, broken bodies, and broken dreams. There is so much violence–both in actions committed and in words spoken. I read about other CFers who are going through frightful, sometimes unexpected struggles and fear tugs at my heart. I feel an unnerving helplessness. There are things in my own life which feel undone and I worry I will never have the strength to see them through.

This morning as I was wrestling with these thoughts, a picture came to my mind. It was a moment caught by our photographer during a family photo session we had this fall.

Ventura Family-49


It was an ordinary moment…one that happens almost every day. My little boy needed the reassurance of my love and the comfort of my arms. The love I have for him as his mother cannot be expressed with mere words. I would do anything for him. The pain and hurts he experiences as well as the joys and triumphs surge through my heart as if they were my own.

I know that my Father in heaven loves me in this same way. My trials and triumphs are not unnoticed by him. He loves me even more completely than I can love my son. He is a God who sees and knows. He weeps at brokenness and violence and shattered dreams just as I do.

So on days like today, when I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and tears sting the back of my eyes, I can only do what my child would do–run to the safety of His arms. There I find comfort, there I find peace, there I am fully loved and fully understood.

I am held.

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