Four Years Old


It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since my last birthday post for Lucas. But sure enough, here we are, one year later, and my baby is now four years old. It was fun to go back to read what I wrote about him last year–some things have changed and some things are the same. He still loves the color orange, he still loves snuggles, and he still has strong emotions. But he no longer pays much attention to pick up trucks, he is less attached to his routines, and I don’t remember the last time we sang the ABC song (although I remember the last 500 times we sang Old MacDonald). He’s still the same sweet and exuberant little boy and we are thankful for him every single day. Here are some special things about Lucas at age four:

  • Lucas sings a lot! Many times you can recognize a tune but he often changes the lyrics to suit his needs. He sings while he plays, he sings on the potty, he sings in the tub, he sings in the car, he sings at the dinner table…you get the idea.
A lively rendition of Old MacDonald in the car

A lively rendition of Old MacDonald in the car.

  • His language cracks us up on a regular basis.  He uses some rather adult phrases such as, “Tell me about it!” or “Who knew!” or “That’s ridiculous!” He likes to be funny and the other day, he asked me, “What are we doing now, Boss?”  He is pretty creative when it comes to names.  He’ll see a picture of a child and ask, “What is her name?”  I might guess “Annie” or “Laura” and he’ll say, “No, that’s Bamale.”  He has a pet mouse he named “Shengali-Shengala” and a dinosaur he named “Urna” with a hard accent on the “Urn”, like someone just punched you in the stomach.
  • Lucas currently has two favorite bedtime books, both written by Tony Mitton (Down by the Cool of the Pool and Dinosaurumpus).  He can recite them both and corrects me if I get even one word wrong (“sound Mommy, not noise!”)
Reading "Dinosaurumpus" before bed.

Reading “Dinosaurumpus” before bed.

  • His favorite thing in the world is still running and chasing. I gave up the no-running-in-the-house rule long, long ago.  It was a futile fight. I’m still holding my ground on the no-screaming-in-the-house rule but it gets broken regularly when chasing reaches a certain level of glee that can’t be contained.
  • Lucas loves imaginary play. He acts out stories and songs from TV shows and books. He mixes and matches the plots. If he doesn’t have the right toy or character he happily substitutes something he does have.  (No Mommy, that’s not Daniel Tiger, that’s Rapunzel!)
Don't have the right costume?  No problem!  I'll wear a grocery bag.

Don’t have the right costume? No problem! I’ll wear a grocery bag.

  • Lucas seems to prefer things (relatively) neat and organized. Sometimes I’ll hear a gasp and run over to him to find out what’s wrong. “We forgot to put away the crayons!”  The other day I was on the phone and when I got off I found him sweeping up little crumbs of play doh that had hardened on the floor.  I can’t say I mind these tendencies. 😉
Sweeping up the play doh crumbs

Sweeping up the play doh crumbs.

  • Lucas loves animals and his favorite animals are cats. He loves cheetahs and leopards and lions and tigers, but his absolute favorite is a cat that roams our neighborhood named Ringo. He has two stuffed cats, each named Ringo and a small plastic cat named Ringo. He frequently makes cats out of play doh and calls them Ringo, and any unnamed cat in a book is automatically dubbed…you guessed it!  Ringo!
Lucas hanging out with the original Ringo Cat.

Lucas hanging out with the original Ringo Cat.

  • Lucas hates loud noises.  He covers his ears whenever we enter a public restroom in case the toilets are loud or (heaven forbid) there are hand dryers. He doesn’t like the blender or the hair dryer or the coffee bean grinder and protests and runs away every time I turn on my nebulizer to do my breathing treatments (“It’s too loud, Mommy!”) The desire to be near me wins out most of the the time, though, and he’ll usually find his way back and into my lap.

Breathing Treatment snuggles

Putting up with the noise for a breathing treatment snuggle.

Lucas seems so much older to me at four than he did at three–he’s using the potty independently, sleeping alone all night in his bed, eating a variety of foods after years of only wanting baby food. He’s going off to preschool, happily, twice a week and tells me he usually doesn’t miss me. (“I’m really brave, Mommy.”)  He doesn’t want to be called cute anymore.  (“I’m not cute, I’m big!“) He is big. And cute. And we love him so very much.

Happy birthday Lucas Gabriel!

Our Lucas.

Our Lucas.


4 thoughts on “Four Years Old

  1. Debbie

    Lucas has grown so much this past year. I love to hear his chatter and singing and his sense of humor is unbelievable for a 4 year old! What joy he brings us!! With much love – happy birthday precious Lucas! Grandma and Grandpa Ventura

  2. Sandra Moll

    I loved reading all about Lucas. He is really changing. It is hard to believe that he is already four. Love him , and all of you.

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