One Year in the Blogosphere


I opened Facebook this morning and was greeted with this picture, taken one year ago today:

IMG_3374 (2)

Off on an adventure!

It was a rainy Friday, last April 25th, and Jaime surprised me by coming home from work early. He decided to give me a free afternoon, so he packed a few things, grabbed Lucas, and they headed to the bus stop to ride downtown to the Hands-On Museum. I snapped this picture as they ventured out together, hand in hand.

It was during that free afternoon, exactly one year ago, that I created this blog and wrote my first post. I want to thank you, readers, for coming along with me on my journey!  Thank you for your comments both onscreen and in person, and for your words of encouragement and support. I have enjoyed writing here.  It has given me a place to flesh out the thoughts and ideas that so often meander through my mind. It has given me the opportunity to remove the shroud of mystery surrounding my cystic fibrosis and its impact on my life. It has helped me connect with others with similar life experiences and with others very different from myself. Writing has proven to be therapeutic for me as I traverse this wonderful life I’ve been given, a life full of joy and blessing amidst struggles and uncertainties.

Just for fun I created a few categories to review my posts from this past year. Check it out if you’re interested!

Betsy’s favorite posts:

Running the Race: This post rings just as true today as the day I wrote it. I feel like it’s a theme in my life–using the strength God gives me for whatever today holds.

Hello My Name Is…: It was fun to have Jaime join the blog as a writer and he did such a great job with this post! Plus he called me lovely and hilarious.  Who doesn’t love that?!  😉

Potty Training in Pictures: A picture is worth a thousand words, right? The pictures in this post make me smile every time I see them.

Jaime’s favorite posts:

What 47 Can Do: I love how this is a post of acceptance and defiance all at once. Betsy’s FEV1 baseline is 47. So what? This post is about refusing to let cystic fibrosis dictate how she lives her life.

Operation Lace Up: It’s a determined post. A post setting forth a goal. A goal that would be conquered. And it features the coolest running shoes eva.

Betsy’s favorite picture from the blog:

IMG_5717 I adore this picture of Lucas peering into the bookstore. I feel it captures this time in his life so well–his love for adventure and outings, his curiosity, his love of books, and his enthusiasm for just about everything.

Jaime’s favorite picture:

image This is my favorite picture. Of my two favorite people. Doing one of their favorite things – playing “chase” at the park. Being free as the wind.

Post that was most difficult to write:

Do I Hate CF?: I wrestled and wrestled with this post and revised it about a million times.  Even now I feel I haven’t done the topic justice.  I hope to write some related posts this next year.

Post that was the scariest to publish:

An Inheritance of One: It took me a while to click publish on this one!  It was definitely the most honest and vulnerable I’ve been about a very personal topic. Even after I published it, I felt nervous and wondered if I should go back and delete it.

Posts that Jaime wanted to delete:

Statistics: Nobody told me Betsy was going to get this up close and personal in the second post.

Making it Better: Don’t judge me for how much I spent on Valentine’s Day that year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most commented on post:

There was a tie on this one, at six comments each:

Three Years Old

Hello My Name Is…

Thanks for reading, everyone! Until next time…

Jaime & Betsy

3 thoughts on “One Year in the Blogosphere

  1. Mom

    Keep writing – BOTH OF YOU! Each post has been informational, inspiring and very real! I love all of you so much and so thankful for YOU. love always – Mom

  2. Sandra Moll

    I love reading the posts. Need to hear more from Jaime. They show how much God means to each of you, in your journey.

  3. Kelly

    How cool to look back on the year, complete with honest and sometimes hilarious side comments! Your family has a unique treasure in this blog. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!

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