A Stray Gray

A little rainbow of hair color.

A little rainbow of hair color.

Well, it’s official. I found my first gray hair. I wasn’t looking for it, but something shiny caught my eye in the bathroom mirror the other day, and sure enough, there it was.

I know plenty of people get gray hair before age 36.  I thought for sure that after the first year of Lucas’s life I’d be completely gray. But every now and then I’d check and there wouldn’t be any there.

I have seen that gray hair is upsetting to many people. (Somebody in this household started getting them several years ago but no one would know because that somebody yanks them all out.)  Not so for me.  Perhaps it’s because the gray hair isn’t that noticeable. It blends in with my hair color. My hair is some ambiguous shade of blond.  My stylist once called it honey blond. A family member once called it dirty dishwater blond (uh, thanks for that lovely description).  Whatever it is, the gray hides in there pretty nicely.

The truth of the matter is, I’m thankful to be getting older! I just read a publication on the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation website analyzing the patient registry data from 2013.  According to their document, the median age for survival is now 40.7 years old for CF patients. That is up from 33.4 years old in 2003.  When my sister Sheri was diagnosed in 1970, her life expectancy was age 12.  What wonderful gains!

As I’ve mentioned before, there is a lot of exciting research going on which addresses the basic defects of the cystic fibrosis gene. Patients with certain mutations are already benefitting hugely from new therapies and more research is in the works for the other CF mutations.  I hope when the patient registry data is analyzed in 10 years, that even more spectacular gains will have been made.

So bring on the gray hair!  I’ll wear it proudly.

2 thoughts on “A Stray Gray

  1. Haha, you ARE lucky you made it to 36 before finding your first gray! I’m pretty sure I was like 22, and was horrified….and, I admit, I was a “plucker”, too. 😉 Somewhere around 25/26, though, every time I found a new one, my womanly vanity’s sense of dismay was countered with a little thrill that I was beating the odds and living life enough to have gray hairs. HA! Take THAT cf!
    Thanks for sharing! You’re definitely not alone in these sentiments!!

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