The Wrong Way to Go Viral


Dr. Lucas is in the house!

Dr. Lucas is in the house!

Less than a week after I wrote that post about all the things I do to stay healthy (you can read it here) I got leveled by a virus.  It was as if I tempted fate with all my ideas of how I was going to avoid the germs this year. Actually, the whole family got sick.  It started with Lucas, spread to me, and finally knocked Jaime down as well.

I don’t think we’ve ever all gotten sick at the same time before.  It has been interesting to see how this virus unfolded in each of us–different ages, different bodies, different weaknesses.  Any guesses as to who is still struggling?!

Lucas brought the virus home to us but got through it the most easily.  He woke up with a little cough one morning and moved more slowly throughout the day (one notch down from break-neck speed).  The next morning he seemed all better but that afternoon he fell asleep in the car, asked to lay in bed and snuggle and then laid on the couch and watched TV.  None of the above ever happens, so we knew something was up.  His temperature was elevated at 99.4 and he was flushed. He was acting normal already the next day but struggled through the next few nights with a cough.  He’s all better now.

Jaime’s illnesses started with a tickle in his throat and a dry cough.  He had a few days of coughing and a sore throat.  He had body aches and exhaustion.  Unlike Lucas who was through the whole thing in three or four days, it hung on for five or six days for Jaime.  It was complicated by the fact that he was trying to take care of Lucas, and me, while being sick.  He was such a trooper.  Thankfully, he’s all better now.

I started out with having all viral-like symptoms, runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat, low fever, chills, nagging cough, body aches.  These symptoms lasted about four days but my lungs stayed mostly clear.  On the fifth day I started to feel distress in my lungs.  I had extra congestion, incredible tightness, and wheezing.  On the sixth day my doctor started me on oral antibiotics as the virus had caused an exacerbation.  This is where something causes the symptoms of my disease to worsen and the bacteria which has colonized in my lungs to flare up.  My worse day was day seven where walking up a flight of stairs left me competely winded and gasping for air.  (Just one week earlier I had run two miles on the treadmill in 25 minutes.  Talk about the rug being pulled out from under me!) Days seven through nine were filled with lots of coughing attacks, lots of stomach issues (thank you antibiotics!) and lots of prayers for strength.

It’s hard to be sick and keep a three year old happy at the same time.  And even Lucas started commenting on the state of the house (“Our house is so, so messy!!” Thanks for pointing that out). Today is day ten and I’m finally feeling a bit more human.  I still have a ways to go, but I think I’ve turned a corner. I’m ready to start working on regaining strength and weight (I lost four pounds this past week).

The thing of it is, from a CF perspective, (and barring something yet unforeseen), this ten day struggle of mine has been fairly mild.  Plenty of CFers who get a virus which causes an exacerbation end up requiring steroids, or IV antibiotics, or need to be hospitalized.  So even though I have not enjoyed the past ten days and pray for another long streak of health once this is over, I am grateful that I’m getting through this illness as well as I am.

It’s been a very hard week for Lucas because he is not accustomed to me being sick and out of commission.  I am thankful for that too; I’ve been so healthy this year that he’s not used to it.  He doesn’t understand why I won’t chase him around the house or why I won’t take him places or why I keep sitting down or laying on the couch.  Earlier today he asked me for some chips.  I went to get them but got sidelined by a coughing fit.  A few minutes passed and I heard Lucas call down to Jaime, “Daddy, Mommy’s coughing.  Will you get me some chips?”

Here are some pictures of what has been going on at casa de los Ventura this past week:

My sweet little sick boy.

My sweet little sick boy.

Never fear, 24 hours later he was feeling well enough to fly around the house as a super hero!  (Yes that's a kitchen towel).

Never fear, 24 hours later he was feeling well enough to fly around the house as a super hero! (Yes that’s a kitchen towel).

Feeling sad that Mommy's can't run around the table.

Feeling sad that Mommy can’t chase him.

Hiding: the silent protest.

Hiding: the silent protest.

Did I mention it's hard to be sick with a toddler on your back?

Did I mention it’s hard to be sick (and do extra breathing treatments) with a toddler on your back?

The past few mornings when Lucas has come to wake me up he has asked, “Mommy, are you all better now?” I’m looking forward to telling him, “Yes, all better!” hopefully very soon.


One thought on “The Wrong Way to Go Viral

  1. This is a nasty bug. It spread through our whole house and ended with me with a vengeance. After 8-days of oral antibitoics and no rlief, I am now on day 7 in the hospital. Hoping to go home today to continue treatment. Hope you become stronger everyday and have a blessed Christmas 🌲

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