It was my sister Sheri’s birthday last month.  She would have been 46 years old if she were still counting years here on earth.  In honor of her, I’d like to share one of her poems.  She published a short book of poetry in 1996, and this poem, “Mornings”, was written in 1995.


Isn’t it wonderful

the way God created mornings?!

Each one new.

Each one fresh.

Yesterday’s problems

are only memories.

Mornings mark a new beginning.


As each day dawns,

God hands me a crisp, clean sheet of paper

called “today.”

This paper is not crumpled, stepped on, torn;

no words have been yelled or cried;

no phrases have become exasperated

or irritable;

no sentences have been smeared

or smudged.

Nothing has marred its beauty.

Today, all is fresh.

Today, all is new.


New mornings fill me with confidence.

As God was faithful yesterday,

so He will see me through today.

His grace will be sufficient

no matter what comes my way.


New mornings fill me with hope.

God can make all things new—

new beginnings,

new vision,

new strength.

No matter how dark the night has been,

the light has dawned again.



full of promise—

reminders of God’s unfailing love.

I willingly entrust my life

to the Maker of mornings.


by Sheri Van Bruggen, ©1996


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