Lace Up Lucas


Lucas has decided to take his running to a new level. Running in circles around the house isn’t cutting it anymore…he has his eye on the treadmill (and on my super cool hot pink shoes with glow-in-the-dark laces). The other day, he announced, “It’s my turn to run on the trebamill, Mommy!”  He then stepped into my shoes, waddled down the basement stairs, climbed onto the treadmill, sucessfully attached the magnetic key and pushed start. Yikes.  Apparently the little guy has been watching me like a hawk and has it all figured out.  I’m glad he thinks exercise looks like fun! Now, if I could just figure out a way to ensure he only imitates my good habits…

photo (8)


One thought on “Lace Up Lucas

  1. Jacqueline VanEerden

    I just read this out loud to Richard who said ” WOW ” ………he reminds me of Chris and Sheila when they were little….and I’d say….PLEASE GIVE YOUR GUARDIAN ANGELS A REST !!!! So glad he didn’t get hurt ! 🙂

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