Operation Lace Up Update (3)


It’s time for a brief update on Operation Lace Up.  Things are going well!  I’ve have been able to keep up with running three times per week.  It’s been ten weeks since I started working on this goal, and I’ve only missed one workout.  It hasn’t been too difficult to find the time to run, mostly because I’ve devised a schedule to keep myself going. Every Monday I do a workout exchange with a friend.  I go to her house and we take turns jogging while our kids play.  On Wednesdays, I run on the treadmill in my basement.  I would rather run outdoors, but I can set Lucas up with the iPad on the bed in the guest room (which is within earshot of the treadmill), and he will play independently for a half hour. I can then get my workout done during the day while I have the most energy.

It hardly seems fair that Lucas gets to do this while I toil away on the treadmill ;)

It hardly seems fair that Lucas gets to relax while I toil away on the treadmill!

Lucas has been insisting that I take Rosita (from Sesame Street) with me while I run.  Because I know he could walk down the stairs at any moment and catch me running without her, I stuff her in the cup holder.  She makes pretty decent company.


Rosita looks pretty relaxed too!

The third run of the week I complete on a weekend day when Jaime is home, usually on Saturday.  I chose Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday because I don’t work on those days (I mean I don’t tutor on those days, moms work all the time 😉 ) which means I can put extra energy towards exercising.

I haven’t consciously tried to increase my speed yet, but it has been improving on its own.  I’d like to run the two miles in 25 minutes (two minutes faster than my initial 27 minute time). Here is my fastest run so far:


I’m almost there!

Running isn’t easy or enjoyable at this stage of my cystic fibrosis.  It takes a lot of effort to breathe through it. But it has gotten easier.  I don’t feel like I’m fighting for each breath anymore. There have even been a few runs where I’ve even had enough steam left to pick up the pace at the end.  Not sprint, mind you, but increase my speed just a little.  Even though I can no longer say I love running, it sure feels great to be doing this for my health!


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