Three Years Old


Our boy is three years old today!  I’ll skip the “time flies” and “this is going too fast” sentiments and get down to telling you how great he is and how much we love him.

Here are a few things that make Lucas, Lucas!

  • Lucas loves to sing and breaks into song regularly. Sometimes he uses a sweet little voice or hums and other times he belts it out, usually in the library or some other place where quietness is encouraged. He sings along with us in church even though he doesn’t know the words. His favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me and the ABC song. Lucas is also well versed in several classics by The Beatles, Oasis, and Arctic Monkeys after a few years of Jaime selecting his “lullabies” before bed. Lucas will regularly ask me to sing a song about something random. The expectation is that if there isn’t an existing song about said topic, I will create one on the spot and be prepared to sing it exactly the same way the next time he asks.
  • Lucas’s favorite color is orange.  And it’s a very strong preference.  We have orange plates, orange bowls, orange diapers, orange shirts, orange shoes, orange toothbrushes, orange balls, orange blocks, a plethora of orange vehicles…you get the idea.  I’m pretty sure there’s an orange bedroom in our future.
  • Lucas is the snuggliest kid I know.  We still cuddle him to sleep every night. He enjoys the comfort of our laps while listening to stories or watching TV (on the rare occasion we can convince him to sit and watch TV). He loves to hold, hug and climb all over his favorite people.  I love his little proclamations: “I hug you.  I kiss you.  I ‘nuggle’ you, Mommy.”
  • He almost always uses the word “okay” instead of yes.  I have no idea why but it’s really cute.  There is the sad, tearful “okay” that almost breaks your heart and the “OH-KAY!” spoken with great gusto when he’s excited.
  • Lucas loves to go out.  This is interesting because he is not an extrovert by any means.  But he loves to play outside, ride buses around town, visit Daddy at work, play at friends’ houses, go to the library, museums, the zoo, the pool, etc.  The only place he detests is the mall.  Don’t take him to the mall; you will regret it.
  • He has a lot of little routines that he loves–like going in “Daddy’s gray car” to look for deer, or waking me up every morning, or going to the three neighborhood parks in the correct order (first green slide, next blue slide, then red slide as he calls them).  He prefers to take the same route to his frequented hangouts and will let us know if we deviate.  (“DAT WAY!!!”).
  • Lucas usually calls us Mommy and Daddy but sometimes its Mom and Dad and other times it’s “guys.”  “Come on guys!”  “Let’s go guys!”
  • He has had a few different obsessions in his lifetime.  In the past they were trashcans, rocks (as in landscaping rocks which he liked to walk on), fire hydrants, Sesame Street characters, animals, and car he called “dirty car”  (a rusty old station wagon parked on the street around the corner from our house).  His current obsession is pickup trucks. It’s nearly impossible for us to drive anywhere without having to search the parking lot for a pickup truck to park by (preferably red, but black, white, and silver are also acceptable). Heaven help us if we ever find an orange one.  Lucas insists on getting out, standing next to the truck and claiming it as “Lucas’s pickup truck” before we are allowed to continue on our way.
  • Lucas has strong emotions.  He is very stubborn and hot tempered at times.  He can be impatient and gets frustrated easily.  On the flip side he’s extremely loving and affectionate.  He’s exuberant, enthusiastic, joyful…there’s never a dull moment around here!

It’s hard to remember exactly what life was like before Lucas.  I’m pretty sure I was more rested and had less wrinkles.  I vaguely remember something called “free time.”  The house was organized and clean, there was more money in the bank and less food in the fridge.  I think I did laundry once a week.  Now that we have Lucas, that’s all changed!  We have traded an organized house for one strewn with toys, folded laundry in our drawers for diapers straight out of the laundry basket.  We spend our money on things like orange Hot Wheels cars and Sesame Street themed squeezy packs because seeing Lucas’s face light up–well, there’s nothing quite like it.  Raising Lucas has been challenging, bewildering, downright maddening at times but more than anything it has been fulfilling, rewarding and absolutely wonderful. Our hearts are filled to the brim with joy and thankfulness, and at the end of the day, we wouldn’t change a thing.  Okay, maybe one or two things…

Lucas, you are our precious gift from God. We can no longer imagine our lives without your smiles and laughs; you light up our world. You have given us God’s riches, we love you so much. Happy third birthday!

Newborn Lucas

Newborn Lucas

First Birthday

First Birthday

Second Birthday

Second Birthday




7 thoughts on “Three Years Old

  1. Jacqueline L.VanEerden

    WONDERFUL ! Thank you so much for sharing ! ( I think dirty car was parked there 20 years ago !…is it green ? ) HAPPY third birthday to all of you.

  2. Megan

    You nailed it! (Of course you did, you’re his mom). I found myself smiling through this entire post! SO grateful I’ve gotten to witness so many of these attributes! (Except for the mall one… We’ve never seen the mall-madness)! 😉 Also, I think Lucas would hold the world record for most kisses blown in an entire lifetime at just 3yrs of age! He is a sweet, sensitive, passionate little boy. All things I hope he never outgrows! Love that boy!

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