Operation Lace Up Update



I completed one week of Operation Lace Up and am here to report.  Things went better than I expected!  I knew that running was going to be very hard.  And it was, but it was doable.

The Couch to 5K I’m modifying specified a minute and a half of walking followed by one minute of jogging.  I set my treadmill to 4.2 mph which works out to be a 14-minute mile pace.  I kept it the same for both the running and the walking portions, and completed 21 minutes which worked out to be eight 1-minute runs and nine 1.5-minute walks (a total of 1.5 miles).

Before each workout I did a breathing treatment and airway clearance to make sure that my lungs were as clear as possible.  It’s very frustrating to have workouts interrupted constantly by fits of coughing.  My muscles didn’t have any problem with the walking and jogging.  I must have a decent base level of fitness (thank you, Lucas).  It was a challenge to breathe and I felt each and every breath I took.  I had to work hard to pull in as much air as I could and then push it back out.  It was a very deliberate.  When the airways are constricted due to inflammation, congestion, infection, or scarring, the air simply does not move in and out as easily as it should.  I’m thankful I don’t notice every breath I take during the normal activities of my day, but I sure did while exercising.  It was a challenge but I never felt that I had to stop or that I couldn’t finish.  That was very encouraging!

Usually when I work out on the treadmill I watch TV to pass the time.  However, because I had to watch the the clock so closely, I listened to music this week.  A really good, upbeat tune sure helped me push through.  Does anyone have specific songs that they like to listen to when they work out?  I’d love suggestions as I haven’t updated my music for years!

This week I am supposed to do a 2-minute walk followed by the 1.5-minute run.  It sounds manageable.  I’ve got to get my first workout done tonight so I’d better go lace up!


5 thoughts on “Operation Lace Up Update

  1. Jacqueline L.VanEerden

    Such a trooper you are BETSY ! You are inspiring me ! Sometimes my asthmatic lungs kick up with lots of junk…
    And I know just a little bit of how frustrating it can be . Thanks for sharing .

  2. Valerie Stout

    Try the website jog.fm for music. I sometimes listen to Pandora when I am running. You are doing a great job. I went from not running a few years ago to running marathons. Keep up the great work!!!

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