Father’s Day a Few Days Early


With Father’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been thinking about the dads closest to me–my father and my husband.

There are many things I admire about my dad.  He always took his role as father and provider very seriously.  In spite of a demanding job he made time to spend with each of his girls and made family time a priority.  I do remember him relaxing sometimes–reading the paper when he got home from work, or sitting on the porch talking with my mom after dinner.  But he was active in most of my memories–playing with us, washing the cars with the hose, helping with the dishes, mowing the lawn, grilling and baking on the weekends, cutting our hair, cleaning, pitching in to make our home run smoothly.  He was never wrapped up in who should do what, he just completed whatever tasks he saw that needed to be done.

Everyone said (and still says) that my dad had the nicest yard in the neighborhood.  He is conscientious and takes good care of what he has, including us.  He is kind and generous.  He is a great model of unconditional love.  I’m sure having six girls tried his patience at times (thus rules like no slamming the doors, no singing at the table, and no screaming were born), but I don’t think he’d trade us in.  He was and is an excellent father.

Dad and newborn me

Dad holding me, 1978

The whole family, 1979.

The whole family, 1979.

Dad and I at the beach when I was three

Dad and I at the beach when I was three, 1981


Horseback riding, 1985


Dad showing me his big fish, 1981

My dad showing Lucas some freshly caught fish

Dad showing Lucas some freshly caught fish last week

My husband Jaime is a great dad too.  Lucas and I invade his office space multiple times a week for lunch.  This has resulted in applesauce, yogurt, pen and highlighter on his work clothes I don’t know how many times, but he still lets us come.  He has traded weekends on the couch watching soccer for weekends of chasing a little boy all over the place.  He takes Lucas to the park, to the museum, to the pool, out to run errands, and on the bus. He has put Lucas to bed almost every evening since Lucas was 15 months old.  A once good night’s sleep has turned into a 2 am (ish) wake up call and then several hours of sleeping with a little boy sprawled all over him.  But I don’t hear him complaining.

Jaime uses silly voices when he reads stories and makes boring books fun.  He wrestles with Lucas and tickles him to make him laugh.  In spite of a full time job and a part time job coaching, he always finds a way to have quality time with his boy.  And like my own father, he does dishes, he folds laundry, and he cleans to help keep things afloat, showing that he cares about the kind of home Lucas has and the kind of mother Lucas has (the not-so-frazzled one 🙂 ).


Brand new Daddy

Reading together

Reading together

Watching the cars go by

Watching the cars go by

Lunch in Daddy's office!

Lunch in Daddy’s office!

Early morning walk

Early morning walk

My cuties

My cuties

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, and a heartfelt thank you to Dad and Jaime.  You have enriched my life and Lucas’s life so much.  I love you both!


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