Here I go…


I have to admit, I am starting up this blog with a little bit of apprehension, but I’ve been encouraged by my husband to take this step and join the online writing world.  So here I am!  I started thinking about blogging recently, mostly because I’ve happened on some blogs written by other people that have inspired me.  When you have a disease or something defining in your life that makes you different than most, it is easy to feel alone.  I appreciate blogs written by other women like me: women with cystic fibrosis and more recently, CF women who are also mothers.  I would never know these women otherwise as they are scattered across the world.  Also, when I’m wrestling with various challenges, writing helps me to clarify my own thoughts and feelings.  When I’m feeling particularly bubbly and blessed, I like to share those joys with someone!  So I invite you to come along with me if you’d like, to hear about my life including its blessings, challenges, my faith, and what God is working out in me.  And I’ll probably be writing some about my boys too, the big one and the little one 🙂


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